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Spaceport Rocketry Association High Power Rocketry Information 

SRA (NAR Section 342) in conjunction with Tripoli Spaceport/Cape Canaveral (Prefecture Number 73) cordially invites you to launch your High Power Rocket (HPR) vehicles with us at the SRA Rocket Ranch.

Spaceport Rocketry Association and Tripoli Spaceport/Cape Canaveral offer:

A five mile by five mile launch site (the SRA Rocket Ranch) cleared of major obstructions such as trees and buildings (allows up to "M" class motor use with prior notification and approval)

An FAA waiver to 13,500 feet AGL

A nine pad "electric match safe" launch controller (allows up to "K" power class clustered or staged multiple motor configuration and "L" power class single motor configuration use)

Six launch pads with ¼" through ¾" launch rods and 1010/1515 rails available

One Hypertek hybrid motor launcher/filler pad with support equipment available for use with prior coordination

Where is the line between model and high power rocketry? A rocket exceeds the definition of a model rocket under NFPA 1122 and becomes a High Power rocket under NFPA 1127 if it:

Uses a motor with more than 160 Newton-seconds of total impulse or multiple motors that all together exceed 320 Newton-seconds;

Uses a motor with more than 80 Newtons average thrust (G79-8 as a guide, check certified motor list);

Exceeds 125 grams of propellant;

Uses a hybrid motor;

Weighs more than 1,500 grams including motor(s); or

Includes any airframe parts of ductile metal

High power rockets are capable of causing significant damage yet the HPR hobby has an excellent safety record. Hobby rocket fliers have an ethical imperative to act responsibly toward children, spectators, and those off-site, as well as towards our own fliers and equipment. Here are links to NAR and TRA HPR safety codes, guidelines and certification requirements.

NAR High Power Rocket Safety Code

TRA High Power Safety Code

TRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) Guidelines

TRA Safe Launch Practices

NAR HPR Certification

TRA HPR Certification

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