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Spaceport Rocketry Association Visitor Information 

SRA prides itself on making everyone feel welcome at our launches. Please introduce yourself and let us know if there is anything we can do to help. Also, we have found that visitors often have lots of questions. That's OK, we like answering them! And that doesn't just apply on our website - please feel free to ask us questions you may have at the launch site too.

Who Is Welcome At An SRA Launch?

We do not have any age restrictions on who can attend a launch. Large groups from schools, churches, scout troops, etc. are encouraged! Feel free to Contact Us before the launch so that we can "roll out the red carpet" and acknowledge you and your group for attending.

Where Is The Launch Site?

Based on our agreement with the land owner for our launch site, we are not able to publish the location on our website. However, you can  Contact Us for driving directions. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

What You Can Expect?

How about a fun, exciting, and safe time for the entire family!

Aside from that, we are in Florida, it's probably going to be warm (if not hot), and there is no such thing as a shady tree at the launch site. That means you need to take precautions for yourself and especially be mindful of any children at the launch site. With the heat (particularly in April through September), you need to take any precautions necessary to stay hydrated.

What Should You Bring?

For your safety and comfort, we strongly suggest that you bring the following items:

Plenty of cold drinks, beverages, or water

A chair or something to sit on

Sunscreen, hat, and/or anything you may need for protection from extended sun exposure

Portable shade (canopy, umbrella, etc.)

Rockets so you can join in on the fun!

NOTE: NAR/TRA rules and SRA club guidelines prohibit consumption of alcohol at the launch site.

You are also welcome to bring:

Cameras--film, digital, and video are all OK


⋅ We do not have any trash cans onsite so please pick up after yourself. Thank you!

There are NO concession or restroom facilities onsite.

⋅ There are a number of gas stations and food establishments (including a McDonalds) approximately 4 miles from the launch site. 

Not sure about something that isn't on the lists above? Just ask us!

Club Rules and Safety Guidelines.

SRA follows the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) Model and High Power Rocketry Safety Codes. Please refer to the NAR Safety Information web site for more information.

The following safety announcements are covered at the beginning of every launch, however, if you happen to show up later in the day, here is what you and your group need to know:

The Launch Control Officer (LCO) at the table nearest the pads will give a variety of commands to ensure that we have a safe launch. The primary commands are:

"The pads are open." This means that it is safe to walk past the table to put your rocket on an available launch pad.

"HEADS UP!" Your and everyone around you need to direct your attention to the requested area. This command will be given in two circumstances: Before the first flight of a rocket of unusual design and if a rocket appears to possibly be recovering in the designated spectator area.

"HEADS UP, STAND UP!" This means that a rocket is coming in ballistic to the spectators area. Your immediate attention is required by getting out of your vehicle and/or chair and you need to look skyward.

Guest Launches

SRA welcomes guests to launch their rockets with us. We do ask that non-SRA members contribute a $5 flying fee (payable at the Launch Control Officer table). It is solely on the honor system and we will never prohibit anyone from launching with us as long as the appropriate safety codes and club rules are followed. If guests decide to launch with us on a regular basis we request that they join SRA.

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