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Spaceport Rocketry Association, Inc. (SRA) is the premier rocketry organization serving the Florida Space Coast since 1973. Highlights include demonstrations at the Kennedy Space Center & Patrick AFB, a Commemoration Launch with Astronaut Alan Shepard and a space tribute launch at EPCOT. SRA continues community involvement by providing demonstrations and supporting educational programs. Combined low and high power launches are conducted (up to 10K') on the 3rd Saturday (Jan-Nov) in Palm Bay from 11am to 4pm.

SRA is a Florida Not For Profit Corporation and is tax exempt under IRS Code, Section 501 (c) 3.

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Posted the April Newsletter. The club newsletters provide a recap of the monthly launch activities, upcoming events and other items of interest. SRA members have access to the newsletter archive in the Members Only area.


Congratulations to Paul Stohr for successfully setting a new K Class Two-Stage club altitude record. Paul flew his Double L rocket boosted on a Cesaroni K520 motor and staged to a Cesaroni I55. Peak altitude was 7806 feet.


Congratulations Chris Kennedy to for successfully completing his Level 2 certification flight. Chris flew his SNARF 2.0 rocket boosted on a Aerotech J350 motor.


The April launch is being rescheduled for Saturday, April 23rd.


SRA is on Facebook and Facebook users that participate in SRA launches are encouraged to join the group. SRA will be posting photos and events, and it will be a great place for SRA members and guests to share and inquire about our hobby/sport.

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2016 Special Events

Apr 2016


Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) Student Launch

FIT students launched their Hydra rocket using an Aerotech K1275R motor. The heart of the project was their custom made electronics package that recorded at maximum altitude of 6220 feet. The rocket broke the speed of sound with a peak velocity of 1440 feet per second. Congratulations on a fantastic flight!

Apr 2016


University of Central Florida (UCF) Experimental Launch

UCF was testing an experimental hybrid motor and the results were fantastic. Congratulations to the entire team!

Apr 2016


Cubs in Space

In 1965, the BSA launched its Space Exploration merit badge, and since that time, more than 360,000 badges have been earned. Requirements for earning this badge range from building, launching, and recovering a model rocket to designing an earth-orbiting space station.

The Spaceport Rocketry Association proudly supports all educational groups of all ages. Contact SRA for more information.

Jan 2016

Florida International University (FIU) NASA Student Launch (NSL) Challenge.

NSL Challenge is based on team selection of multiple options - the NSL option consists of 7 different experiments. After a competitive proposal selection process, teams participate in a series of design reviews that are submitted to NASA. These reviews mirror the NASA engineering design lifecycle.

FIU successfully launched their rocket and completed their experiments. The team is now preparing for their final NASA review.


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